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"Pet Friendly" Motion Sensors

PIR icon1998PI
PIR Motion Detector

1998PI PIR Motion Detector 35' x 45' (10.6m x 13.7m) coverage pattern
Immune to pets up to 80 lbs.
Split-Zone Optics technology
Patented Alternater Polarity Quad detection
Form C relay




Split-Zone Optics splits each zone into two stacked sub-zones. Each sub-zone is the same size as the original, but only has about half the sensitivity. When utilized with AP Quad, both sub-zones in each of the two channels must be at least partially intersected at   the same time to generate an alarm. A human target is sufficiently large enough while even large pets up to 80 lbs. remain undetected. Man Dog

1998PI Specifications:

Detection Method Passive infrared with Alternate Polarity Quad
Coverage Pet Immune Lens
35' x 45' (10.6m x 13.7m), 90
Detection Zones Pet Immune Lens - 30 zones (8 long range, 7 over 7 intermediate, 4 over 4 short range)
Pulse Count Installer-selectable, 1-,  2-, or 3-event
NOTE: Use 2- or 3-event for installations with pets
Detectable Walk Rate 0.5-10ft/sec (.15-3m/sec)
Mount Height 7.5' (2.3m), nominal
Indicators Red LED with enable/disable link
Alarm Relay Form C, SPDT, 1A@30VDC
Input Voltage 12VDC nominal
(Voltage reversal makes PIR inoperative)
Current 15 mA (non-alarm), nominal
15 mA (alarm), nominal
Standby Power source should be capable of at least 4 hours of battery standby
Operating Temp 14F -  122F (-10C to 50C)
Operating Humidity Up to 95% RH (max.), non-condensing
Dimensions 211/16" W x 43/4" H x 17/8" D
(68mm x 120mm x 48mm)

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